Everybody Loses 035 | North Korea and Getting ‘White Girl Wasted’

August 19, 2017

**Apologies for the shit audio quality this week. There was an orchestra of lawnmowers and leafblowers outside and it was either poor sound quality with noise suppression or no podcast. Everybody Loses either way.**

Greetings fellow vault dwellers! This week John and Matt peek their heads out of the fallout shelter to bring you a brand new episode of Everybody Loses! In Episode 35, our hosts discuss the ongoing rivalry between fellow supreme leaders Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, and offer their pointers on how to survive the impending nuclear apocalypse. In the Everybody Loses segment, John must explain why North Korea is the greatest nation on Earth, while Matt must argue why getting drunk (or 'white girl wasted' as they say) is the best way to spend your night.



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