Everybody Loses 022 | Light Beer and Gym Bros

April 19, 2017

We're back with Episode 22, brought to you by Taylor Swift. This week, John gives a live (and rather snarky) reaction to the recently released trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, followed by a brief discussion from both of our hosts. John and Matt then delve into the controversial beat-down that was given to an elderly doctor on a United flight. In the Everybody Loses segment John, a craft beer enthusiast, must argue why national-brand light beer is the better option, while Matt, who generally looks down upon the "gym bro" culture, must explain why everyone should aspire to be one.

This is the Everybody Loses podcast and no, we refuse to say this ain't your daddy's podcast. I bet he might like it. Your mom might too...



The Last Jedi trailer!

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