Everybody Loses 021 | Obesity and Office Space

April 11, 2017

It's Episode 21 of Everybody Loses, and the podcast is coming back with its first legally-bought drink to bring you the latest in losing. After briefly reflecting on the podcast's shining moments from the past 20 episodes, John and Matt analyze the highly-discussed Pepsi commercial featuring Kendell Jenner, and talk about some other odd marketing campaigns. In the Everybody Loses segment, John, who has embraced a healthy lifestyle and lost over 60 pounds, must argue why being fat is better than being skinny, and Matt, a fan of the movie Office Space (who isn't), is forced to explain why its a bad movie.

This is the Everybody Loses podcast and no, we refuse to say this ain't your daddy's podcast. I bet he might like it. Your mom might too...



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