Everybody Loses 020 | Baldness and Neil deGrasse Tyson

April 4, 2017

Our hosts are back with Episode 20 of the seemingly never-ending Everybody Loses podcast. This week, Matt tells John about a special convention happening in his own hometown, featuring an even more special guest. Inspired by President Trump's continuous use of Mar-a-Lago as a de facto White House, John and Matt offer ideas about where their own "White Houses" would be. In the Everybody Loses segment, John, a man with a head of hair, must argue why it's better to be bald, while Matt, who is generally annoyed by Neil deGrasse Tyson's social media presence, must make a case as to why he's an important public figure.

This is the Everybody Loses podcast and no, we refuse to say this ain't your daddy's podcast. I bet he might like it. Your mom might too...



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