Everybody Loses 012 | Cats and Dictators

January 23, 2017

New President, same podcast. On Episode 12, John and Matt discuss the Inauguration of the latest leader of the free world, DJ Trump. Our hosts theorize as to what sort of greeting the former Presidents gave to Trump (and each other) and how Trump will fare in general. The two also discuss how, under pressure from the Boss himself, a Bruce Springsteen cover band backed out of playing an inauguration party in our own state of New Jersey. In the Everybody Loses segment John, a dog owner, must argue why cats are better than man's best friend, while Matt, a true lover of democracy, must explain why dictatorships are better than good old 'murican freedom.

This is the Everybody Loses podcast and no, we refuse to say this ain't your daddy's podcast. I bet he might like it. Your mom might too...



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