Everybody Loses 010 | 2016 and Shoobies

January 9, 2017

We go forward by looking back on this week's episode, the first Everybody Loses of 2017. After a brief conversation discussing the loss of two of 2016's last victims, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, John and Matt each list their personal best thing and worst thing about 2016. Matt also tells John about an absurd news headline he read concerning the handling of Carrie Fisher's remains. In the Everybody Loses segment, John is challenged to discuss why 2016, a generally hated year, was the best year in recorded history. Matt, a year-round resident in a summer tourism shore town, is forced to explain why the mass influx of Pennsylvanians known as shoobies are great people.

This is the Everybody Loses podcast and no, we refuse to say this ain't your daddy's podcast. I bet he might like it. Your mom might too...



Rolling Stone's article discussing Carrie Fisher's remains

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